Preparing for last paper!


It's the time! Last paper finally this wednesday! Today i'm just finished lab immune paper.Struggling to find  the mood for study.And i'm managed to finished all the slides before the time.Jyeahh.Even though not really paying attention as there are not much time left.

Every semester,the same things happen.Although,i'm planned to study earlier but it always unsuccessful.Well,the habits that really hard to changed i thought.But i will try it no matter what.All over again.Until i get it into my habits.As long as there is the time,there is no time you can't change.

Dream something.Praying a lot.Looking into future.Especially akhirah.Just impatiently waiting for the result so i can know where i am right now.Hopefully the things is gonna goes well.But i dont put high expectation for this semester as it really chaotic until the end actually.

By the way,past is history and the future is the day! Just pray for the best in the next day until the next semester!Let's learn from the past mistakes to creating the best future! Alright guys,done for now! Till then.

Wish me luck.Pray for the best! All the best for all.

18 December 2017
3A@Darul Ehsan
6:57 PM


Current Status (29 July 2018) : Intern dahhh! May Allah bless💕 this journey! Bittaufiq wannajah! Thank for your du'a!

Dear reader,thank you for having here💕I'm appreciated it a lot.I'll get you back sooner or later whatever it takes!🏇🏻


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