It will be fine!


The thunder cracking out!


I'm walking towards the window.The sky in the outside looking so dark.The heavy rain starting to pouring down into the ground.Should i go to class this evening or just lying in the bed? The perfect time to sleep in such a weather.I'm going back to my table and continue inserting the data in SPSS.The assignment need to be submitted in 7 days.


The data is not a big deal.But the process to making the report give a lot of trouble.How could i become so lost.After three session SPSS class with pounding heart.I just forgot about everything.Suddenly,the class was over and the assignment catching over me.Oh no! I'm a dead meat!

I need a helping hand.


Someone appear in my mind.This person could be a helper.I know she will not resist to helping me out.She is the senior about a year above me.I met her first time during scientific communication class.Such a soft spoken and lovely person.The similarities about us, a quiet person and lovely..? lol..So we easily get along together.Click!

From the first class for this subject,i'm really looking forward to it.Just then,after knowing that the subject is really killed the students.I gotta my consciousness.A test by test,it really beating me up!
This subject really challenged my endurance.Almost giving it up! But whether i'm giving it up or not.In the future it still will be the same.A month before final exam.The time is running out.I need to catching up as fast as possible.

Beep! beep!

The group leader send a message on whatsapp group.The good news appeared! What a beautiful day with a lovely weather.Who doesn't love rain? No one right now in this time.For sure everyone dance over the news right now! The class was cancelled.! So just let's enjoyed the day!

The heart whispered,

 "Please do not let the time passing by without doing something good"

Thank you heart.Hope you will always be the good heart until the end of the day.Just about to finishing the homework.The sun has finished the shift.So much like the daylight passing faster than ever...night is just appeared.

Here i am now.Talking to you.

Still finding for the right way to do the blogging and expressed everything.Sometimes could spend a lot of time here.Much time need to leave it hanging.

Will i survived for this killer subject? Come on!

Let's fighting till the end and pray for the best !

Till then.

11 November 2017
3A@Darul Ehsan
10: 27 PM

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