I am waiting for you


Two classes this 2 pm today.

But it was clashing to each other.And i'm waiting reply of SV.I'm wondering..will she spend a time to see me? just for a second.As i need her signature for the fyp form submission.OMG! I think everything possibilities why she doesnt reply my whatsapp.Instead bluetick only.Is she hold the grudge after i didnt reply her?.This is really in the critical moment.I cant't stop thinking..Why...Dr..Why..

Waiting for reply or just go to class.But there is no time as the due date for submission form is today.oMG! omg! I'm just near corner of her room.But i dont have a gut to going to her room.I'm just waiting for her to reply..do you think she in the good mood? Or will become a lion? Or worse..dont wanna see me anymore?

Please say no..pleasee....

Dilemme between two classes..where classes that i should go? Urinalysis or Psychology?Both are important for....attendance ~ but meet my SV more important..i only want the signature..Dr please reply Dr..pleaseeee~

ALright i dont wanna write anymore.Till then.

8 November 2017
Lab Com Uni@Darul Ehsan
01:29 PM


  1. hope everything goes well lah. Doa banyak2 :D

    1. Tq hana..alhamdulillah evrything is good <3

  2. oh no! quite hard to choose because i dont know the actual situation. May Allah ease you today :)

    1. Tq Najah..alhamdulillah Allah easier evrything..psycho class cancel and i got sv signature!

  3. try call SV mas tu. maybe dia akan agkat fon

    1. X berani la sy kak..haha..x bleh sebrngn call

  4. what is you ending? dpt tak sign....


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