✍ Welcome Sem 5 ! Let's fighting💪


Alhamdulillah,after IE we didn't have any break yet we need to go into new semester already.Yuhuu.Now I'm officially in semester 5.Excited but in the same time got scared.Hope all the things will go on well within this time.

I have added FYP 1 for this semester according to plan that has been made by my previous advisor.And you know what..shocking news! my previous advisor become my advisor again for this semester.OMG! I'm panicked.She is the fierce one.😅 I can't playing around anymore.

I think that i can get through all of this.InsyaAllah.Need to fight more than before.And much than other.So tomorrow will be briefing for FYP 1 and I have to choose wisely what field I should carry on.I want to do research in microbiology but I don't know if there is any other field that much better and suit for me.I hope I do not choose the wrong field.May Allah easier everything.

We thought that today have started but actually classes will only started tomorrow so then I wasting my time waiting for 3 hours in the lecture hall waiting for lecturer that will never came.😂 So sad.I went home and decided to watching Korean drama and samyang! Such a perfect combination😜


My girl.The title of korean drama.Refreshing my back day in school then.Remember the old memory and how I was back then.Nostalgic.Will never ever forget my first crush.Lee Dong Wook😘 The handsome man that not fading away.Lols.

After then,me and housemate going walking around the neighbourhood taking fresh air in the evening.Such a perfect day.Starting a good vibes for tomorrow and continue marathon My Girl💕and update blog for a while.Hihii.

Hi uols! Thank you for reading.

Not starting blogwalking yet since then.😅I will try spend some time in any possible way.Btw,please pray for me this semester.And May Allah easier our journey toward this life.

Till then! 

31 July 2017 19:50 PM
SR 2-3A-3A


Current Status (29 July 2018) : Intern dahhh! May Allah bless💕 this journey! Bittaufiq wannajah! Thank for your du'a!

Dear reader,thank you for having here💕I'm appreciated it a lot.I'll get you back sooner or later whatever it takes!🏇🏻


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