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☏ Glutinous rice cooked in bamboo for the last ramadhan in 1438 H !


Alhamdulillah.Here come a time where i should story about my 1st Syawal in my Hometown.Kinda have a gut to write in English.So enjoyed! Or ~~ just fainted if you find too many grammar wrongdoing..lol !

How will my first Syawal would be?

If you followed, each of my post related to each other.I kinda did not have excited feeling to celebrate eid ul fitr but just go with the flow ~ time running out ~ i did not have new clothes for raya.Nothing is new.As we get older,we did not excited to celebrate eid because i know that i would not get duit rayaaa ! Ahaahaa.No la..just that excited feeling getting away.. ~ away  ~ far away ~

But before that i think that i should tell about a day before eid first!Will story about Syawal on upcoming post.lololo.
A day before raya which is last ramadhan.Hope will see you again next year ! Ramadhan..😭
We were doing what we used to do.All members of big family altogether cooking over lemang and rendang.What is most difficult is how to make lemang.Its not that difficult but if there are only a few person that doing it without cooperation.It is quite tired.Better buy than making it.So teamwork really important for this part.

Not that much picture..we were buzy after all.
Every person have their own duty.As for me,i was cleaning all the dishes at the kitchen together with my sisters.Unmarried person always be targeted on that.Cannot running anywhere or else you better prepared to be mumbled.Lol.Meanwhile for gentlemen doing outdoor works such as find the bamboos,coconuts,banana leaves and firewoods.

As for married women,they will prepared the glutinous rice in bamboo.As for my father,he was cooked the rendang.My father is the best!

The ingredients for this glutinous rice cooked in bamboo just a few things which is

1.Glutinous rice
2.Coconut milk

That's all.

Then as for the steps in making it.

1.Insert the banana leaves in the bamboo.Make the bamboo covered inside.Dont forget to plugged the crumpled banana leaves before insert the banana leaves for the wall inside of the bamboos
2,Then insert the glutinous rice in the bamboo.
3.Next,stirred the coconut milk with salt.Put as much as you want it.No need too much.Just wanna make it feel tasty.
4.Finally,insert the coconut milk into the bamboo.Donee ! Close the bamboo with banana leaves.Not that big leaves.That leaves should be crumpled.Then,you can plugged it into the bamboo to cover it.

 Omg.Doesnt' felt right as i'm write in english.Lol.But must finished it.I'm not used to it.Prefer Bahasa Malaysia much more.

"What should i do with my FYP in english next sem πŸ˜–"

After they have finished inserted the glutinous rice in bamboo,The bamboos were brought to outside of house to be cooked at firewoods.A few hours after,the lemang was done ! And we could not eat it yet as we were still in the middle of fasting.

Maghrib time !

 We were altogether breaking fast for the last ramadhan.! Waiting for eid announcement.So tomorrow was eidd !! firecracker going up as soon as the eid announcement was made.That's all for this glutinous rice in bamboo.

See ya for my first syawal eid ul-fitr post.In anytime !

Thanks for reading!


15 Julai 2017 05 :36 PM


  1. syawal left with few days.. masih sempat kan wish Salam Aidilfitri #rayakansebulan hihi..


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