✍ Final Exam Sem 4 πŸ˜“ Wish me luck !


Happy Eid-ul Fitr bloggers and readers! Raya not finish yet.

I want to update badly about eid but the most important thing now is final exam around the corner yoo! I felt guilty to playing with blog but did not study.But if i did not update blog neither anything i do.It's still the same.So i will just update blog noww..looo.

Just wanna wrote my journey or current situation toward this degree life.It's a waste if i did not write it down.In the future i could look back and see.How i was back then.Now it's final ! Scare to death.

Alhamdulillah.Praise be to Allah.

Last semester i was succeed in rose the pointer.And must to.But this semester i'm not confident to.I'm just hope everything will be alright.As for this semester a lot of project we have to do.And all of these project distract our focus to core subject for this course.Clinical Chemistry.I just cant go on with that.I love the subject.But i can't cope with the stress.

The projects for other subjects really stressing me.As this subject need calculation and so on.Then,i cant focus.But all of that just a reason among the reasons.Of course we cannot blamed anyone unless our self.If we want to,we could but if we did not want to.It's just same like that.

Alright,done for myself.

Wish me luck.Hope i can do well for this exam.Good luck also to who have exam or anything due for this eid month.All the best uols.! Do the best! And Allah will specify the rest ! As long as you have studied and make an effort so you can relax.

Ok say goodbye to me !

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Daaaa.Till then.

01072017 06 : 21PM


  1. Good luck for the upcoming exam mas :)

  2. Good Luck... Try the best... Mesti kekal tenang....

  3. Don't be stressful. Stay calm, confident and good luck!!


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