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The Most Amazing Thing That Has Happened In My Life

I dont know.I didn't really think that i have amazing thing that has happened in my life this whole age.Lol.So sad.But not like that.There is a lot things that amazing in our life.We just have to open our eyes and look around us.Can't you see the wonder?*Maher Zain

To me,the most amazing thing that has happened in my life is i met the most beautiful angels during my internship during diploma.I'm really touched,i will not forget about that moment for the whole of my life.It was my turning point which is i more love to learn more about Al-Quran and follow their example.This dunya angels have teach me about how to read Al-Quran properly,not even once smirk but teaching gently.Patiently.One by one.Before that moment,i just heard from far about the muslimah that really soft,gentle and always spoke the nice words and good manner.

Not even me didn't have that characteristics.

I'm just dreaming to have such friends and always praying to Allah for giving me such angels.Alhamdulillah,during my internship my prayer was answered after a long time waiting.Now i'm striving to be like them.And want to be.Must to be.And have to be for Jannah is not easy to grab just like that.Most important thing that may Allah bless along this journey toward him.May Allah bless us.Fighting!

Short Review Amazing blog 

For this blog,i still in process to know what is it.But i love the header.Just love it ! Simple and something.Just like signature.I'm also like the writing skill of this blogger.The tag of being me,so helpful for us to get know more about the blog owner.Can't comment that much because i did'nt read much of your blog post.But keep on writing,i have followed you.So i could add some vocabulary for reading your blog.As my english so damn something wrong here and there.I just  keep writing what i want to talk about whether it good enough or not.I just dont give a damn!.Hehee.So maybe i will improve something when read an english blog.Just keep on update !


  1. Salam, first and foremost, thank you so so so much for joining my segment. I am really appreciate it. Plus, you are writing in English that make me more impress. Everyone wanted good friends including me, the one that will always with us, know us well, pray for us and also loyal. I hope that one day I'll meet this people. Insya Allah. Continue your effort in diving deeper in Islam. May Allah bless you. Also thanks for the short review that I can use to enhance my skill in blogging. Thank you again. :)

    1. InsyaAllah Amer,i will.u also can be the one.Good friend to ur friends☺keep up on blogging.i will visit u anytime!

  2. Hi Mas.. I'm your 165 follower. You know what, getting a good friend that can walk together closer to Allah is the priceless thing that has ever happened to our life.. Keep istiqamah.. ^^

  3. Susah nak dapatkan kawan begitu, tetapi kalau ada .. jgan lepaskan.. :)

  4. assalamualaikum,

    blogwalking dari segmen yang sama


  5. Hi, I'm here for the final judgement for the AMERZING Bloglist winners. Maybe you will be one of 'em. Wait for the announcement on this 3 June 2017. Cheers!!!


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