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✍ Welcome April


Welcome April.

Hey bloggers ! How are you doing.

Hey blog..sorry for not update you.Such a hectic time to write on you.

I did not write in English for a long time.I dont think that i do anything to improve my english.As i have been busy with the lectures that come without stop.As usually,excuses.There is no time to learnt in detail.This degree is not the time to learning but actually a time we do our bests and expressed that what we have.

I eventually really depressed with this situation.

I continue my studies to learning and add the knowledges and skills value but instead i was pushed with the pressure that i should already know these things in a fastest way.I thought that i can be relaxed and enjoyed the moment.I want to study while taking the lesson.Instead of my weaknesses showing a lot in this duration.How much more i can take..i can't guarantee..but i'm confident that Allah will always guide me along the ways.May Allah ease everything for me.

When people have been provided with the skills and knowledgeable.


I'm still blur and slow to pick up than other.

This monday,the mid sem exam will be start for one of the subject.And i should be prepared but the atmosphere really depress me.But want it or not..the exam will still going..our heart will always beat to the sound.

♪ Lub dap lup dap ♪ 

Until Allah calling for us.

Still..fighting dear self !! There are still hope until the last breath.

Stay Strong ! No choice.

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To Uols too.Fighting!!

11 : 30 PM
1 APRIL 2017


  1. hee~ kakak pun berdebar nak harungi onak dan duri sepanjan april ni.. semoga masih ada kekuatan dan berserah sepenuhnya pada Dia.. belajar rajin2 dik.. rajin kan menulis jugak.. hee~

  2. hope Alalh ease everything what u do..and yes keep.fighting...only ur spirit can handle everything...

  3. Happy April!

    Biar lambat, asalkan jangan berhenti mengalah. Ok:)


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