✍ Now i can breathe ❤

Can you feel my breathe?

I'm afraidd !! I'm afraid ..i'm afraid to breathe.i didn't have a chance to read Novel Breathe by Dr Beni.Omg! My heart beating fast as fast as the novel got sold out! I knew that the novel sold out as it have been posted on twitter that today only have 200 copy of the novel!!

.But the light is shine on me *lyrics as DrOne offered on twitter that he will buy who want that novel!Just felt lucky i saw the offer ! So chance rarely come twice! I said yess !! Excited to have it after this sem break ! I give my house rent address as i want to read it as soon as i return there !Actually i have ordered the novel to my friend but she will going to PWTC only after work.So not today ! 

          "Kenapalah kau mid sem break masa PBAKL tengah rancak??"

Thank so much DrOne,just moved to think that DrOne willingly bought the novel for us.Add on that he also got  the signature of Dr Beni! Omg !! How lucky we are !.My adrenalin is rushing throughout of the body !Dont know why but i really look forward for this novel!! I also joined the contest for that novel on twitter to get it for free but other contestants just so damn good.😞
My Quote : Malay Version  Just love my own quote πŸ˜† SS
Another books that i want the most are all from the bloggers.As i grown up from reading their blog.They are  Inche Gabbana,Mato,Teme and just lately Dr Beni ! But this year the economy not that stable for me to buy their book.Except for Dr Beni ! By hook or by crook i must have this novel ! for me breathe calmly until the end of this year.πŸ˜‚Hoping the best for this novel.Excited to know the contents.As his blog content,his tweets indeed motivated and deep straightly to my heart.Ceewahh ! 

Till then.


  1. Replies
    1. Alhamdulillah.Dah pesan dekat Dr One tu. ^_^

  2. Best sangat ke novel Breathe tu? Nanti dah habis baca, review please 😊

    1. InsyaAllah kak Siqah.Kalau ada masa nanti saya review .😊 Tengah tunggu novel tu sampai dekat tangan.Excited !


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