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✍ Welcome March 2017 !


Hi uols i'm really have a hard time in consistent writing the blog.Now i'm taking a little time before the usrah begin.Tonight we have a usrah after long sem break..need to tasmi' how much we have remember the surah and our naqibah will sharing about seerah.

I'm also want to update about the last weekend where i have been but the time is really envious of me.Starting this week will be much more busier.The assignment and lab report will come one by one.Not forget also the project.This semester we have a lot of community project which is we need to do..one of that is forced.I want to talk about that also.

But maybe next time when i have a more time to write.So untill then.Hope uols not forget about my blog as picture of tazkirah still continue on every Friday.Hohooo..untill we see again..

Bye bye ! Let's fighting for the life ! Happy March !

1 March 2017
Surau Hostel


  1. Wah update dari surau.. teruskan menulis ya...

  2. Beginilah kehidupan dunia pelajar.
    Mudah2an semuanya dipermudahkan.


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