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☂Real Hijab ☂


  1. Sapa tak faham cuba faham apa yang mahu disampaikannya.... Banyak berlaku dah...

  2. By right hijab and scarf is two different element.
    Hijab supposedly goes together with how you covered your body as well (loose and not transparent materials inclusive where few parts of your body cannot be show to others). Meanwhile scarf it may just to cover a part of your head where in Islam 'covered' must follow the rules that stipulated in our Holy Quran.

    Appreciate with +ve comment from Cristina

  3. Totally agree with this.. Rasa pelik bila orang mampu keluar, pakai tudung, tapi pakaian ketat2

  4. wow. bila non muslim sendiri yang komen.... patutnya kita malu la. semoga kita terus beristiqamah dalam menutup aurat

  5. deep ohhh ๐Ÿ˜ฑ malu ๐Ÿ˜ฅ baru2 ni ada kat facebook atau twitter gmbr gugurlz 3 org bgaya dgn seluar singkat

  6. kite lak yg rasa malu... sbb kadang mmg biasa kita nampak pakai baju tshirt bertudung tp pakai selluar legging ketat tu huhuhu

  7. so true..semoga kita semua tidak tergolong sepertimana yg Critina katakan...


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