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✍ Dear Sem 4, Please Be Nice To Me


Good night guys.Feel wanna typing in english.Please bear with the mistakes.Not always but i think that i should write more often in english.But just because i'm not in the mood in english so i just like to write in our mother tongue.Nothing much that i want to talk about.

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Just, as you all know..or maybe not..i will going to start my study in semester 4 already!.Just a couple of days.The exactly date is next week! Omg ! the lecturer had remind us about her class this Monday in Facebook group.What say you? So excited not to forget about the class so she would remind us early.

Hopefully everything will be alright.May Allah ease our journey for this semester.The semester break will breaking apart soon.So do my heart.Luls.How fast the time flies away.i want to fly too..♪ i believe i can fly..i believe i can touch the sky ♪

I have finish prepared the schedule for this semester.As soon as i got the timetable,i arranged the subjects so that it would be fixed with the others.As for every semester i would faced clashing in a few subjects toward the timetable.Well it should be understood as i am a transfer credit student.So i just have to bear with it and arranged it until the subjects match well with the other students.

Always face the things like joined the other group or other course just to matching my subjects with them.And..taraa!

Just finished arranged my timetable with the Microsoft Excel.But i'm not used to using the Microsoft Excel.Just wondering how the Microsoft Excel would help me in finishing my schedule.So i just try it without any tutor.And absolutely,my opinion which is zero knowledge about how to use it,i think it much easier than Microsoft word.Besides,it also have another tab which is we can put other information that related.

So,it was the nice one.Just bear with my noob please even though i'm also embarrased how would i didn't even know how to use it.Will learn it more sooon ~ if there is a need. Lols.Kill me with kindness.Hahaa. do you guys know about the song?...always that when to write an essay or writing in english..the song must be the main references.Actually..err..I'm losing words now..

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Alright stop there ! before i'm talking much more nonsense.Next In the afternoon i have got my present from the giveaway ! Yeayy..! refer to this entry >> Menang giveaway New Year by www.aerillhassan.com !... <<   

Here they are!

My grandmother passed it to me!
"Is it like kuih raya?.."

Yummy !.sure it is..feel much more alike sugar..so sweet as uolss.πŸ˜†..for diabetic patient please not consume it too much or else..i dont know..maybe..goall!..hahaha
Btw,Tq Elsa for this ! i enjoyed it !..

You know who is Elsa?..She is the princess from Frozen movie~ Let it go ~ Let it go ~ Hahaha..

Refer to this entry 

I think this is enough.I am lazy to think about the new word for making the sentences.Sorry teachers for the mistakes here and there.i have tried my best.Hohoo..Till then.

12 :53 AM
17 February 2017
Home Sweet Home


  1. Rajinnya buat jadual manually. luckily there were auto time-table generator when I was studying at UiTM before, , kekekee.

    Sedapnya tengok kuih tu, jeles. hahah

  2. Wah tahniah menang give away, semoga berjaya dalam pembelajaran.... Konsisten dalam pembelajaran mesti boleh berjaya....

  3. I fell you :') // https://ameridzuan.blogspot.my/


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