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✍ Are we bestfriend?


Like so..whatt?..are you serious? today whatsapp group have been shocked by the one of our friend news.She said that our classmate have a brain tumor.I just dont get it whether it is a prank or what.Because they always seem didn't take anything like serious.Just feel like they playing around.But the news not yet be confirmed.It is just based on the conversation between they two.

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She was screenshot their conversation and upload to our group.I am like seriously dont know what and who to believe.But soon the news actually was real! The latest news that yesterday he was operated and needed more scanning test today..hope he will be doing fine with the operation and healing process.Must be quite tough for him.May Allah heal him.What make the news worse is his bestfriend dont even know about it.

This news just get me going throwback about my backlife in diploma before.

Just like other people,we must have a bestfriend which is always we have spent time together.Me too not be left behind.I am a person who is not stick to just any people.It just hard to get along with anyone.I was prefer to be alone than talking with stranger.But after i got someone that was clicked with me.They just like a world to me.

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But the things is i am not like others.Even i thought that i have my own bestfriend at the end you know what..it just hurt ..hurt so much as i dont get into serious besties friendship anymore until now.Along the time i'm with her ..i was noticed something weird ..i even ask her but rather than doubtful because she was denied it i just believed her.Because yeah she is my bestfriend! How could she will lied to me.No way!

But that totally wrong! That such a narrow minded!

But you know the secret could not be keep for a long time..soon it will reveal by itself.It is the time i know but through other friend.And i really feel offended as all classmates know about it but not me.I feel like i am a useless friend.What is a meaning of bestfriend? She doesn't even believe me to tell me first.When other people ask me about her i just can't stand it because i didn't know anything.

I am the last one who knew about it.Omg! It was hurt so muchh. Like i am the one who feel that we are bestfriend but actually it was not to her!! So pity.Lulzz.But the things is i have learnt something from this.Anything happen must have a reason behind it.Just cliche but indeed truth.

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A lesson to be matured and a blessing to felt enjoyed the bestfriend relationship and to be hurt at the end.Lol.By the way,let's bygone be bygone.. now..let's pray for my classmate..Like seriously how it could be.Just like a drama..is it real?..By the way let's just be positive and have a blessing day everyday! Keep strong !Nothing to be worried about as long as we have faith! keep save a pure intention !.a lot more need to be learn about this world.Just enough for today.

Till then.

4 Feb 2017
Home Sweet Home


  1. Let's just think it this way...Simply because you're the best friend, your friend couldn't bear to tell you by herself, simply because that person is afraid to your reaction... Insya-Allah everything would be fine..


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