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☏ 23 February 2017



All Praise To Allah.

Most of the time i'm alone but when come a celebration its just come for a moment but forever would not be forgotten about it.So here they are!

Happy Birthday To Me!! πŸ˜‚

This date such a blessful day for who is raising me up.I feel so thankful to mak ayah for giving born me and let me feel the happiness and painful in the life.This dunya's life is nothing but something for making the deeds for life in akhirah.Hopefully i can appreciated myself much more after this.

I have learnt that people come and go in the life when the time passed..each stage in our life there is different people that appear but all of the people giving me such a lesson and blessing to be thought and learnt about.No one is come into our life just because.They are giving us something which we could go on into the next stage of our life.Stay alive or Just dead.

Yesterday night about after adzan isya i was shocked by the birthday prank.My 2-3A-3A housemates were gathering together pranked me on the rooftop.I was so thankful to them for remembering my birthday.I really love them even though we are not that close but they are willing to celebrate my birthday!

Thank you so much uolss..muahh!
Another year pass by.I want to write more but i got distracted.So i think that's all.Maybe we will meet later..so.. i have starting the new sem and this is so frustrating to update new entry.. a little bit difficult ..hohoo..till we met again!I will try as much as possible to update the entry.

For my own memory sake.Hahaa..May Allah bless this new age.Mastura..fighting!!

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Till then!

23 Feb 2017
Surau L3 Campus


  1. Wahhh birthday mas rupanya today! Happy birthday Mas! Semoga berjaya di dunia dan akhirat :)

  2. Happy belated birthday Mas..Akak doakan semoga awak dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik, semoga Allah melindungi, merahmati dan memberkati kehidupan awak di dunia dan di akhirat.. Semoga apa yang awak impikan Insha Allah akan dimakbulkan oleh Allah..

  3. Selamat Hari Lahir, sorry lambat ucap birthday.... Semoga diberikan kesihatan yang baik...

  4. Happy birthday mas ! On ur birthday mek cari alamt emel mas nk wish tp tk dpt --' nnt contact mek kat ayunieramli@gmail.com eyh :)

  5. happy belated birthday dear..moga panjang umur n sentiasa menjadi org2 yg sukses dlm hidupnya....aminn


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