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✍ Semester Break ! Yuhuu


Hi guys !

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P/s : Addicted back about K-Drama lulz
Finally i have a time for this blog.Dang ! Have been so long i'm not blogwalking to other blog.Yeahh so long enough for me to disappear from this blog arena.Lulz.

On 25th January 2017 after my final exam on that morning i decided to going back to hometown right away.Now i am here! Home sweet home babeh ! Yuhuuu..And actually did'nt have enough idea what i'm gonna talk about as currently i have an asthma attack.So the oxygen quite lacking.Not only that my lungs feel so tight to breath in and out.Feel so hot and sweating as my body trying to adapt with the situation.

Worsening the condition,my inhaler and medication was left in my house rent.So what now? Just waiting for the condition be better itself.Lol..Dont like for going taking the O2 at KK.Just because.But if the condition can get any better i have to.Dushh!

So just let's enjoy this evening situation with blogging.


This morning i have breakfast nasi goreng ! Homemade by my father.So love it!

Felt  the air of hometown..the noise of siblings and our newborn family member ! So different that i feel alive again ! Make my day for this semester break ! So uols too..if there is nothing that prevent me i will always visit your blog along this break time ! Just wanna enjoy the holiday before stressing out again..OMG! Just leave it out of the rest.Lulz.

Till then.

26 January 2017
Home Sweet Home


  1. Home sweet home...
    Happy Holiday.. <3

  2. Selamat bercuti dan berehat Mas.
    Jaga kesihatan
    Terror bapak Mas menggoreng nasik.


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