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✍ People's Evaluation.


Done for Today.

Wuhhh.Finally i have done for the PBL discussion.Third PBL you know.So much than other.We were finally come to conclusion.
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In the end,the lecturer give an evaluation to us.

For good sake.

But guess what..I think i have try better to communicate well with the discussion members.Just so you know that introvert person doesn't communicate a lot.That's was my weakness.I have been commented about that.


I dont think its the weakness but people said it was the weakness.As you know nowadays from head to toes all will be evaluate to achieve the target..anything! whether marks for academics..curricular..even jobs!...Erghh! I just hate this system.

But this is world.

heal the world...~ *Sing along!

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InsyaAllah will try harder to communicate a lot.But i think that i have put on effort to communicate well but just with the points.Not just blank talk.If we talked a lot but did not have the points..what is so good about that?..

So no matter what actually i just want to say that we can't achieve people expectation as they are did not know us.Who are we before.And what we have been through.Just bear in mind,Only we know about ourself.

As long as we have achieved the better achievement than before so we have been succesful.!Just dont quit there.Put a lot more effort to be better good and the best ! InsyaAllah.

Thanks a lot to lecturers and all that commentating on my weakness.I''m appreciated it a lot to improve myself in a better outcome.InsyaAllah.Eventhough it was hurt but it is the truth.Lols.

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Keep going.!

Till then.

14 Dis 2016


  1. i love all ur quote.and of course i love your writing..be positif,positif is belong to success people...and i know u already success,..i wish whatever u do,u always be the best ya dik..good luck syg

  2. mek dlu time blaja, lect susah nk kawal mek. hihiih. sbb mek talkative. ade je point mek nk ckp. smpai lect ckp mek ni bnyk sgt idea.


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