✍ Missing in Action


Hi! Have been a while since i posted something here.Oh yeah? truth or not..i have learnt something today..hahaa..today..actually everyday but i highlighted for today lecture.Lecturer gave the lecture about the stress in work.

So i just like the words.."MIA" which is mean Missing in Actian..here they are!

Hahaaa..i just felt nostalgic because during high school i always been missing in action.If you know and of course certain of you knew it that missing in action always one of the evidence that proved the person is stressful.

So beware.!

It is something that should be taken seriously by employers and management.So nowadays we do have Mental Health Awareness.Take care of yourself and stay healthy!Don't be stress and just enjoy whatever you do! Love yourself ! So Allah does.So do i.Heee.

Till then.

21 Dis 2016


  1. Suka MIA bila stress.. pastu muncul balik.. hehehe

  2. Haha, dah lama hilang ya sis. Cuti sekolah kan

  3. akak selalu MIA masa kelas seni.... hehehhe


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