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✍ Just With Determination


Yeah ! I'm home!!

Just a split of time now i'm home! Oh home sweet home!..the main reason i'm going back to home because i want to attend my cousin wedding.I have told about their married before.I just felt guilty if not attend the wedding as when her father passed away i'm not going.Also when my grandmother of father side passed away i'm not going too.

For the study sake.

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No matter what the life always going on.Whatever happen.We have our own life to struggling about.Not all the time we can give the commitment to others.Even if the person is the most close to us.But i'm trying as much as i could to give the support for their fate.Even if they also hard to give commitment to our fate.As long as we are trying.That was enough i think.

Today actually full with presentation.I have finished present for the immuno and patho subject..such a relieved.Although the things is not good enough.Lols..i dont what i'm doing in front of people there.

Waiting for our group turn..after them!
I dont want to think so much because i will got too nervous.So i dont even think about what should i do about the presentation.I just prepared my self as well as i can.But not really well actually.As for eye contact still very low.The steady mind.That's is really important so i dont felt shaking.I just present the content that i understand and explain a little and done for immuno!

my turn after her !
This feeling unexplainable.A little nervous as there are males..as for immuno presentation there is not much males as they have the program.So they did not attend the class.But here !they were present! Lolss..i dont know what is the connection between have males or not with the feeling of nervous.But all of us "female" feel the nervousness because of them.Actually more to uncomfortable not nervousness.

For this presentation much difficult as my slides,the sentences so long..so i just speed up my words to make it short..lols...also i want to going back faster while the time is running out! 

Waiting for KTM here..bye bye KTM there!

As our group finished the presentation,i'm ask for permission the lecturer to give me going out the class earlier to catch the last bus .i'm just hoping that the bus is still there.And ..guest what....the tickets was sold out! Wuwuwuwuwuwu..but guess whatt?..alhamdulillah..miracle..sudden a chinese guy came to me and offer his ticket.The same destination to my hometown!! Subhanallah..alhamdulillah..i did'nt know what to say..this is really a helping hand from Allah.

I'm really hanging the hope only to Allah.I'm just being positive and searching the ticket even the counter was closed one by one.Maybe also because i have done a little good deed in Patho Class so i got the love cash in the situation like this.Alhamdulillah.All Praise To Allah.

This is one of evidences of the good deed that we are doing will not just disappear.So..always be a thankful person.And let's doing a lot of charity.Night! Have a sweet dream.!Just please dont got a nightmare with the grammatical error and so on  ๐Ÿ˜‚

17 Dis 16
Home Sweet Home

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