✍ Crying in The Rain


Alhamdulillah i have answered  the mid term of immunology.Just felt relieved.The result is in different feeling onward.Lols.But i have miss a test from other subject which is in this morning i thought i can retake the quiz then when i open the quiz..it just invalid.So sad..lol..its online quiz.

I need to see the Dr and giving the reason why i missed the test.Then..just now i see the Dr and Dr said my reason is not valid because its my mistake not her mistake.So..crying in the rainn~..wuwuwuwu..last words before i leave i said that i'm sorry but you know what..Dr said that..

"Don't feel sorry to me..feel sorry to yourself.."...hahahaa..that correct.Why apologize to her instead apologize to myself.wuwuwuwuwu..

Im sorry myself !

Dont ever do that again!

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30 Nov 16
U Library


  1. owh dear..u missed one subject?its ok dear..jangan sedih2 k..ada hikmah semuanya..takpe if Dr tu cakap macam tu,just ckp dalam hati,im human,sometimes im forget..u can say sorry to urself,but dont blame urself ya..your journey still long way to go..

  2. Semogq mendapat hikmah disebalik peristiwa ni sis.

    Feel sorry for ourselves πŸ˜…

    Because no one will.

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  3. Don't feel sorry to me..feel sorry to yourself.

    Love that quote.

    :) good luck mas

  4. Ouch.. that was a bit harsh..
    It's okay mas.. u can learn from the mistake..

  5. kenapa bleh trlepas gitu mas? alamak.. tk pe, lain kali jgn buat lg.


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