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Hi guys ! How are you there? Hope you all doing good.Seriously i'm a bit buzy but not that buzy ..but it seems like i dont have time to update blog regularly.But i still continue with the schedule post when i have a time to typed..hahaa,..i just dont want leave my blog empty.

Anyway i want to story about..

Grand Dinner..!

Woahh..i like to attend something like that but if we are going to such place we should go with our beloved one or our close friends said one of my housemate.But i do not have one.So how?Should i not attend it until i have one?..not to disappointing myself,i'm just stepping myself toward the dinner.I'm attending the dinner eventhough i 'm a lone ranger ! Lols.So brave u girl!

Haha..no la..i just dont want to waste my time waiting for someone that not even belong to me or not even want to come along with.Just..we just have to move on although we are alone.Tsk..tskk..tsk..so sad.But not that sad..that's a life.I just seems not that good in making partner with friends..just dont know why..maybe my vibration does'nt belong to this circumstances.

Or that circumstancer.Just be positive.just as in human behavior lecture when the lecturer talk about the personality i just can't sit still but trigger to knew about it more deeply.I just find it really exciting to know about a person or maybe more about ourself.What are categorized we are in.

Yeah..so i am a lone ranger ! Did not afraid if i walking alone.

I want to show you all something.

Tadaaa !!
The lucky number : 48 !
This was during 20 November 2016..i was attended a grand dinner that held by a club in my Uni.I'm just cleared my mind and be positive..not to mention that..i got a lucky draw ! Woahh..as a 2nd second person got lucky draw..seriously never have been this lucky before this.So i do believe that we should always be positive! So we will got something nice ! InsyaAllah.

Actually before i joined it i have thinking so many time..should i join or not but as one of the committee aka my classmates asks me if i wanna to join it..so i thinking it all over again.Then i decided to joined it.

Then..alhamdulillah..not bad at all..just okay..not that good but not that worse.I did it! I attended it although i'm alone.But not that alone as i knew a few people that i can talking to so i feel awkward less.Just in this..i just want to tell that although we feel that we are alone but actually we are not that alone..and if we feel that we can't make it..actually we had made it!

But the condition is..

Just go!

InsyaAllah.Allah will help.

This blue clothes one of four best dressed that night! Hi! i'm not ready yet to being in frame =.=
Out of comfort zone..something that we are not used to it.We will found something different.Something that we can't imagine that we actually have it.We will found something that make our life more precious than before.

You will not lose anything but learned something!

 frame in the lucky draw box ! Now as prop in my table ..jyeah!

Just make a try ! Caiyok!

Till then.

21 Nov 16

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