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✍ No story for today


Yeah.No story for today as today have come to the end.But not yet i think.lol.So i want to story about yesterday...i just can't let my blog empty without story..just feel something not right..so i want to story about yesterday even though it might be lame or so whatever..duhh..duhh

Actually if want to talk about today is so many input that i got from lecturers but..but..donno just dont want to talk about it..today my U held a blood donation with PDN but i can't donate my precious blood because my class full and even after the class finish ..the students really enjoying donating their blood until i did'nt have chance to donate.Lols.


Actually did'nt even once i had donated my blood.


But i want to so badly.

talk about yesterday!

As our wish..my housemates and i decided to take over the gym that evening.We were with fully spirit came to the gym but unfortunately our classmates had take over the gym.there was no space for us as the gym quite small.Just around 8 to 9 person can fulfil the space.

So then we were going with the broken heart to the rooftop.


But actually quite fun up there..there was nothing can challenge the wind.So peaceful and mesmerizing along with scenery.

The cloud became darker like was the rain will coming down but the raining did'nt come.Hahaha.Just for your information my english quite terrible so just relaks ok.Nothing much to worry about.Just enjoy the story..Kikiki.As long as you understand if you dont understand so then freely tell me about it.Peacee!! But nothing i can do lol.

The view from above.Just want to focus on the line of cloud actually..this time near to maghrib..around 6.30 pm like that..we were just walking up here and see the view!

Almost maghrib and i'm taking a shoot ! then we were back to our house as we were again decided to go for gym after maghrib prayer..not satisfied! how determined we were...hahaha..

After prayer we were going to gym but there was a men there..alone..but after a while we were decided to make it ! because you know.. in evening we can't make it..so we just going inside and make it..before that just one housemate and me..so he did'nt mind..but after that two more of my housemates came and..i dont know..he just leave...haha..even pity with him but..we want to play too..lol! even his friend actually want to came after us but also did'nt make it..

tired lorhh
At last! finally! having so much fun worked out with all the things at the gym..hahaha....! after 20 minutes we were leave..haha..just want to play for a while lol..so that guys should waiting .Why just leave like that..haha...Hope we were not that cruel take your port.Please forgive us..hohoho.

refreshing in front of pool after workout

The assignment has come one by one to be my sweet dream!! 

Till then.



  1. Laki pon tahu segan tau. Haha. Tak pon, depa solat dulu kot. Lulz.


  3. Replies
    1. nk cuba hidup kelaihh ..gini la..haha

  4. Ni kira story for today lah.
    About yesterday.

    1. haha..nice jgk! spttnya tajuk Yesterday story for today kn p.cik.

  5. Tajuk kata tak ada cerita, tapi ada juga ceritanya tu :)
    Btw, Kak Sha suka pegi gim waktu malam. Balik dah penat memang lena tido :)

    1. haha..about yesterday..waah..mmg best..! lena smpai pg ye kak


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