☏ Hike The Broga Hill For The First Time!


Hi! I want to story about today morning activity.So excited to tell uols.Hihi..like the entry before i have mentioned that my housemate and i have planned something for today.And this is all about !

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Yesterday night,i found it was really difficult to fall asleep as i think so much as i have never been going to hiking before this.Especially in my right leg condition after the accident 7 years ago.But i just want to do it! For adding my life experience so then i know how is it feel.Whether i can do it or not.Just want to take it!Even if  it just one for a lifetime.

Actually during orientation in my diploma a few years back,Broga Hill hiking is the one of part orientation but that's time i'm not confident to hiking with this leg condition,its still weak not so strong as today not strong enough yet then i'm excused.

But i remember that i have hiking with my siblings when my leg still normal as others.That's time just us siblings and leading the way of course our brother.We are village people so then all the hills at the village we were explored.! That's time when we were still a kids.Maybe in Tabika or Primary High School.And you know the kids ..always curious and wanted to exploring the world.

So nostalgic to remember about that moment.The most unforgettable moment when i arrived at the top hill i can't came down after that because afraid of high as there was no flat way to came down..haha..but my siblings help me to came down slowly.

But now the hills at the village is exploited then there was no such fun as time when we were a little kids.That's time there was still no one come and disturbed the forest as they are used to be.

Alright ! Enough for throwback..Lols.

Back to story.

4 am.My housemate got me up so then we can standby for the hiking.I peep through the window and there was a moon in the sky.Full moon ! Subhanallah..so beautiful.Such a nice day to starting with!

Snap the full moon before came in the car.Hee.

We were moving to Broga Hill about 5 am and arrived around 5.20 am. and MasyaAllah.!.there were so many people.Of course maybe because today is Sunday.So the people plotting to going out taking some nature adventure.Hahaa..So do we.!

As soon as we arrived we were warmed up! Then we were ready to go!..we were hike and hike..at the first moment i feel a bit exhausted..they were still steady..and..after passing the first guard ..i'm no longer can afford the exhausted.My heart really racing out!tachycardia.Really beating fast.It seem doesn't want to stop.So then we were stopped to slow down my heartbeat.

Stop here for a moment..and there were a group behind us

I'm trying to be strong so we continue again.And after that my leg was making fuss..it felt so weak.So then i have to be parasite for a while.Hold hand of housemates.They were really supportive.Always ask continuoesly whether i'm okay or not..If i'm not okay they will always stop for me.

We were stopped during adzan Subuh when my heart beating fast and no longer can't make it.I'm also always ask..how far more we were going up?..Haha..i just felt that i can't stand it.But i'm also want to make it up to top of hill.We were resting on one point and performed the solah.Then after that I just feel want to rest here and let's them going up but they were disagree. they said..it was dangerous for me staying alone here.

They were repeated encouraging me and said i can make it!..So then i just have to follow them.Lols.
I did'nt remember how many time  i have stopped..but i think its more than 4.
Hahaha..that was really hard for me as the first timer...my heartbeat was always beating fast and more faster if not rest.Sometimes i felt dizzy and felt bloated along the way up.


Alhamdulillah !..i make it!..just on the big stone.Haha..i'm  save to be left here.So i can take rest as much as i can!There are a little bit more ways to going on top of the hill.But i did'nt felt can't make it.Even my heart want it but my leg doesn't want it.So i'm request to stay here.View from here is also good too.The atmosphere also refreshing.


Not bad at all..This is From View of My Eyes was before 7 am..still early ..so i just felt the nature and inhale then exhale the fresh air here continueosly.So refreshing!!

After 7 am..the world is begin to bright with the sunrise !.Even a bit disappointed can't see the sunrise..haha..but i can see the world changed from the dark to bright.

Alhamdulillah.All praise to Allah.

I have this experience already.Jyeahh!.Even to other people maybe this is nothing but to me this is really a big things! One experience of life added!

I''m waiting them for coming down..felt a little bit boring alone here...after a half an hour ..they were coming down from the top of  hill.

Look at the road..seriously..really can't make it..they even said its was a bit scary when came down as the road is quite steep.

After they were coming down..we have some pictures! Of course pictures of us..as they have taking their pictures on the top.Only me that not in the pictures.Haha..But before i showed the pictures of us..let's view some scenes from the top of the hill.

They captured it.So i can see how is it look.And also uols is it? heee.

Subhanallah..wuu..wuuu..seriously! so beautiful.Look at the birds on the sky!..Hey! wanna tell something? suddenly the rain droplets falling one by one but not in the situation that need to worry about.Maybe.Hihii.

Subhanallah..much more beautiful from the top..wuwuwuwu...crying inside T_T

Huhuhu..so beautiful..wuwuwuwuw....nevermind..maybe next time?? jeng..jeng..jeng...need to build stamina first ! and of course mental and physically prepared.

" Let's keep on making up something worth for life dunya and akhirah!"

Back to us.!


Me and 3 of my housemates!
We were here !!! especially..i was here !! Who is missing? oh no!..one of our housemate younger sister not here! Because she was taking our picture.So then her sister was grabbed a man nearer to take the picture 5 of us! Lols

Mission accomplished !!
Alhamdulillah.I felt satisfied ! New experience with really good hiking members ! Thanks uols for be patience with me..hahaha..because of me uols late to see the sunrise T_T 

After a moment we were coming down !

 seriously coming down the hill is really easy ..not feel tired at all.I'm really enjoyed it! Not feel exhausted at all.Hahaha..maybe i should coming down the hill but not coming up the hill..kwang..kwang..kwang..if there was escalator..woahh..everyday i would like to coming up the hills..hahahaa..okay sorry..my bad imagination.

Look at this! even the road is like this..but i still enjoyed it..feel really fun! but..there was one road after this steep road..but still steep..there was a hole not too deep but suddenly i was fell off..!! sit still in the hole. i'm shock for a moment..People behind me asked if i'm okay then i automatically realize and got up!..I did'nt answer.i'm just laughed and continue to walking down the road..lol..did'nt look at them!...help me..i'm embarrassed.! 

Alhamdulillah! we were safe landing on the land.Ehh!..haha..mission accomplished!.May will have the next time !! Thanks for reading.Heee.Grammar police please check it.hahaa.



  1. Aa time student gini la nk ambik pluang buat smua ni dik dah keje nnt tkde mase.

    Tp rmai kan orang hiking sini. Nnt ank bsar bleh la ajak dia org dtg hiking sini :) mek pernah hiking bukit kluang terengganu je --'

    1. tu la..semangat nih!boleh la kak tp sy pergi smlm siap ad yg kendong baby lg..seyes..hebat betul parent dia

  2. Bestnyaaaa! Siqah teringin nak naik Broga tapi sampai skrg tak berkesempatan. One fine day. Insyallah. Seronok tengok mas berjaya daki sampai atas. Good job πŸ‘

    1. InsyaAllah kak! cuba lah!..alhamdulillah berjaya jugak wlaupun rsa mcm x larat giler dh..haha

  3. Cik Nur pernah juga pergi beberapa kali.. sampaj meletup la lutut Cik Nur masa nak turun dari bukit tu... krem jangan cakap la
    Tapi tak de hal.. pengalaman tu lagi bernilai...

    1. meletup cik nur? seriauunya..tp seyes betul..pengalaman tu mmg lagi bernilai..alhamdulillah merasa jgak smpai atas even not really on the top la ..huhu

  4. wah !!you can be an avid hikers someday.. btw great experience dik

    1. Omg!..insyaAllah seandainya kaki mengizinkan..haha

  5. Sejuknya mata tengok.. Jarang dapat tengok permandangan macam ni..

    1. Alhamdulillah segar kak long dok atas tu..sejuk je mata tengok kan...meh naik!

  6. Congratulation at last managed to climb up to the top hill:)

    1. Alhamdulillah kakZakie ats izin Allah ^_^ tq!

  7. Gunung Jerai was the first and last hiking experience for me. Hahaha, semputtt benor,serik... lain kali takmau panjat-panjat dah. Tapi tak taulah kalau lepas kahwin kena paksa pula sebab cik abg askar kan.hahahaha.

    1. Bestnya! hahaa..i pun semput jugak msa nak naik tu but i have to make it!.Tapi actually lepas rehat x de rsa apa dh..haha..fuyoo!askar kauu.. so prepare la dri skrg klo x nk semput lg nnti.haha


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