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Hi all bloggers.

Hope you all doing fine.Currently in improving my english writing so today i make a new label that called "✍ Daily Update".It is just same as "✍ Catatan Harian" but in english version.If i want to write in english so i using this label.So my language will not become miserable between english and malay such as "Bahasa rojak".I just want the languange is categorized well.

Even if there is grammatical error,not suitable vocabulary and anything wrong with the languange that i am writing with but i just fine with it as long as you are also fine with it.That's called learning process from the mistakes so i can improved.But i dont think its not understandable as i using english standard at any level malaysian people or any proficient writer or talker in english language will understand it very well.

It is not a big deal then.So please just be bear with the mistake or maybe you all can help to checking out the mistakes on the sentences.That's quite nice i think.Thank You anyway =P

The October will be ended soon.And i'm not getting back to my hometown quite a month .I want to go back to my hometown but i dont know why..i think i should not going back this weekend.My University give the excuse break only to those who greet the Deepavali.As our class do not have anyone that greet the Deepavali so we did'nt have any holiday! But actually that friday i did'nt have any class at all.

But..but..but..lol..how many times but..but i have the assignments that have to be done before next week! So i should done it but i have being a procrastinor yesterday and continue to today as well!.Oh my Venus! I take my revenge for this weekend break to watch the korean drama.So a long enough not to watching it! Just to release my stress out.So next day after day will be more busier as i will be going to have a mid-term.So i use this weekend time to be in a state peace of mind a bit.

Just have to bear this student life for a years more.This is a student life! Hope everything will be smooth day after day.Pray for me as well.Have a nice day uols ! Ganbatte !! Fighting!!

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Till then.



  1. wahhh... full english.. menulis dlm english setiap masa sbnrya blh meningkatkn pengetahuan... nanti nak try jgk penulisan english dalam entry..hihihi

  2. May Allah ease everything :) Amiinn

  3. Hai kak mas dah lama xnampak kak mas kat blog kitee...xo

    1. sorry dik..nnti i cuba cri msa ya

  4. Good improvement mas :) keep it up :) i will support ue :)

  5. Best of luck :) i will support ue sis :)


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