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September Story A Day : The little things

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You dont know.

You didn't even know about me.Then you just talking so much about me without ignore my feeling.What i'm felt.What i'm doing.What i'm really are.It such not a pleasure to met you.

You have so much fun right? I'm regret to knew you.If i can back to the time i'm really hope that i dont even know you as for what you did to me.You make me regretting all the moment i'm with you.Even for a second.

All because of the little things that you did to me.You dont even realise that.Its me!.Its me that felt the pain.Yeah.Its hurt so much thinking about that.

Till now.

How are you now? Wish you gone forever.Dont ever appear to my life again.! Please dont.

"Apalah aku merepek niee..maaflah pada yang membaca..tak phm sgt psl the little things ni..
hentam saja..haha but indeed..yah..let it go."


  1. you cannot change the past, my dear.
    but you can learnt something from it.
    everything happened for a reason.
    either as a blessing, or a lesson.

    hope you find the happiness you hope for ^_^

  2. tak pe.. it's ok...

    psssttt... Terima kasih sudi join Segmen Nak URL Blog #25

    Senarai peserta telah di update di http://www.mialiana.com/2016/09/senarai-url-blog-25.html

    Semoga berjaya... (^_^)

    - Mia Liana -

  3. Human nature - no one know until the things happened then only the true colour will appeared.

  4. Salam pagi...
    datang pagi tinggalkan jejak :)

  5. sape la buat sakit hati sangat ni .. hmm, bior je dik. dia datang dalam hidup kita untuk diberi pengajaran. jangan sedih sedih..

  6. @Gee Lion tq sis =) InsyaAllah.

    @ Mia Liana =)..hee.tq sis

    @KakZakie Purvit the truth.

    @Nieyl tq sis =D

    @ayunie ramli huhu..dh sedih dh..org yg wt skit hti dtg n prgi silih bergnti.hehe

    @Warisan Petani boleh dimaafkan tapi utk melupakan take time..huhu


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