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Road to Sem 3 !


Happy Monday! Yeah.Have a nice day! I'm online now from Home Rent Home.Lol.How i am now? dont know yet as i did'nt have any classess today..so horeyy! I'm online using hotlink package but the package is super slow.Why r.Cheap maybe? Lols.Maybe uols have another suggestion for better connection?

Let's story about yesterday.Yah! I'm packaging all the things from saturday.And just in Sunday i got all the things fully prepared.So early in the morning i'm got to go! Bye bye home sweet home!Early as 6.30 am after Subuh i just arrived to the bus at nearer village as my village did'nt have public transport.So sad.

Let's selfie first!

Hi! hahaha..

Look around you..can't you see the wonder?..watch your back!

no one lol!

Am i super fast or not even one want to go to uptown? ding! Sharp at 7 o'clock in the morning..the bus is started to move.".tayar bas berpusing..pusing..pusing..pusing..sepanjang hari.."..omg..rindu hana.. .Then after that uncle bus is stopped by at the mamak restaurant for a while to sip a tea maybe.Bukan nak ajak..tinggal aku sesorang dalam bas..hahaha..Then! at the same time the other passangers come and said.."nasib baik tak terlepas..

I need to ride the bus for going to another bus in uptown so i can go to another state.Finally i'm arrived at uptown and going to takes another bus for going to another state.My destination to that another state take about 1 hour only.As soon as i arrived,i got to get the monorail and..

here i am !

Mercu tanda negara

After another one hour i'm arrived at KL Sentral to take another public transport.Such a long journey huh.Not really la.This time i need to take ktm to arrive at my one and only destination.Home rent home! Gituhh.As soon as i arrived there..you know what! No way man!..so many people ..crowded woah! I can' stand to just take the ktm with a lot of people there.So crowded like in a sardine tin. 

Then..i just have to bear another 45 minutes for another train arrived.So bored..but it did'nt take so much time for being boring alone as ..suddenly a sister from Tanjung Malim came to sat beside me then making up stories.She was actually with her parent came to visit her sister for having dengue but first time take ETS and ktm for going to her sister house.

Chit..chat..chit chat..and a while later..a chinese guy came to us and chat along with us..he was also did'nt stand to just waiting the train and super boring.Then the main point of our conversation is..how come we have to wait another 45 minutes but not less than that so we did'nt waste our time just waiting like that..such a wasteful time!! 

Hope government can take the issue seriously.How can the people wanna take the public transport when the public transport not even availaible in a short time.

And now alhamdulillah.

Again..I'm here !..and tomorrow starting to classes..pray for me! Thank you dear..muahh!

So sad to said that blogwalking stopped for a while.Focusing much on story-morey and studying.Not having so much time.

Thank you for stay reading.

Till then.



  1. Dont study hard but study smart.
    Hopefully success.

  2. Ingatkan gambar hantu mana tadi. Gelap semacam je.. Ahaks.. =)

  3. Gelapnya gambar. Tak tahu nak say hi kat sape. Tak nampak orang. Hehe.


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