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September Story A Day : Reading

Agar Bidadari Cemburu padamu.Such a lovely book that i got from sisters of UIA.Love them! Will story about them but not now..hihi..now September Story A Day...This is the story..!

I'm begin to read the novel in thriller genre.The thriller that i love the most of course Bagaikan Puteri by RAM but after that i'm changed to romance genre as i'm in dilemme of teenager.Haha.i'm stuck to that genre for a long time i think.then along increasing the age i'm changed the genre again.This time to islamic novel which is my first love islamic novel is Seindah Mawar Berduri by Ustazah Fatimah Syarha.

That novel really changed me a lot to what i have been now.My perspective also changed and i'm tend to addicted to islamic world which is for the good sake.

Then my genre is changed again to medical based novel as i really interested in the world of medical as my course also linked with them.From there i learnt a lot how is the situation in hospital.And of course the doctors is not only glamour and rich in the perspective of people but in reality really buzy on their works.Thankful i'm not in that line as i think i'm never affordable that.Only the chosen one will stay strong.Salute!

By the way,for sure i'm not qualified for that title.Hahaha.

Now i'm enjoy reading all of the genre.Not static to only one genre.But i did not have so much time to read the novels as i'm focusing on my study.Actually not focusing much.lols.Just maybe because there is not enough time to read novels whilst there are so many topics that i need to cover.

Or else i'm dead meat ! And now..i'm dead meat!

I only have time to read novel when time of sleep but there is not so much time as sleep is more important than reading novel.My biological clock should not be disturb.The last novel i'm read and not finished yet until now is Tunangku Tidak Tampan by Rusydee Arts.

I did not felt want to finished it yet.As i need a time when i can fokus then i can digest the context.When the time comes,i will finished it.Haha..that's all i think eventhough i want to write more.Should stop here.

Happy Reading.

Happy Blogging!

Not forget...

Happy Blogwalking!

Till then.

"Sorry for unpleasent english grammer and so on..need to writing so that i knew the mistakes here and there..September story a day will be my experiment for english writing..please be strong dear reader and friends as my english still bad as always...hahaa.."



  1. ambil kos yang berkait dgn medical ke cik mas?
    tough one, ha. good luck tau.
    jangan rendah diri, kita tak tahu potensi diri kita sepenuhnya lagi.
    selagi ada usia, explore the whole thing about ourself.
    you might be surprised >.<

  2. Wow. Bgus bku ni. Mas pinjam ke?

  3. @Gee Lion tq ats nasihat sis! yeah.sure!insyaAllah.

    @ayunie ramli cenderahati ❤ kak


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