✍ Exhausted

Assalamualaikum Holla!

Woah Raya Korban of course been so busy for whole day before after and so on as long as the relatives all is here! and now i'm felt exhausted eventhough i did'nt do much.Well,you know la how is introvert.Quick felt exhausted around the people.Or maybe the stamina is so damn lower i think.

But of course i have fun so much ! Really excited and blooming!

Sorry i did'nt have time yet to blogwalking to blogs uols.Because i just keep updating and did'nt have much time to blogwalking.Thanks you for coming here!Don't worry later i will attack blog uolss ! After this raya !! and Selamat HarI Raya Korban again !

Want to tell about full story today.So many things i'm excited to tell about but..not now! The pictures not ready yet..and also me too!..Felt tired lorh..i want to fainting..wuuuuhh..

Also my phone is missing wuwuwuwu.. but i think its not too far..i just dont remember where i put it!..Blerghhh..I just can't brain this!..Just..let's Cool down and takbir raya..!

Alright..see ya..just want to wrote this! Let's rest for a while.

Happy Eid Aidil Adha!



  1. hilang??? mungkin dah sampai masa utk pakai phone baru kot.. ahaksss..
    selamat hari raya aidiladha cik mas ^_^

  2. Tahniah.
    Boleh tuntut hadiah skrg


  3. @Nurul Syarfiqa slmt hri raya fiqa!

    @Gee LionSlmt hri raya sis! ahaks..no laa..blm msanya lg..

    @cikLa Shahril slmt hri raya cikLa!

    @Diarios tq dik

    @nabihah ishak Tq biha! alhamdulillah

  4. tu dia :) nnt up gmabor raya pulak


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