Could not detect a feed for this URL Blog posts ?


..As mentioned above and based on the uols have any solution for this?I just don't get this.Why is the things happen like this? It really effect the blogs because the feed will not be shown on the bloglist eventhough the blogger update the entry just now.

But still,i put the blog into bloglist and here! They became like this.Just look at the Infinite Dream..that a normal blog that have been put into bloglist.So its show the title of new update and the time of post.Meanwhile example of problem blog is Aku Seorang Traveler and abracadabra.It not show anything as suppose it be.There is no Title of new update or the time of post.

There are many more blog with same problem below there.

So..what to do?..



  1. Blogger is updating their site maybe?

  2. Samalah cam blog akak.. Bloglist dah cacat jadiknye.. Tataw la kenapa jadik camni...

  3. Kita kena add something kat hujung address blog.
    contoh your address http://

    masa add dalam bloglist, tukarkan jadi http://

    selain tu, boleh check feeds burner. dapatkan URL and update kat setting.

    ada lagi caranya, tapi kat bahagian komen tak boleh paste kod tu.

  4. Sha pun ada jadi camnie juga..
    Tak tau kenapa..
    xde solution juga..

  5. mek no have idea --' sebab mek tak buat bloglist ni tapi perasan jugak kalau dekat blog sendiri dah update tapi tak masuk dalam dasboard.

  6. @Diarios idk la .mybe

    @Maria Firdz tu r.

    @Lea Azleeya kn.x best x dpt tgk update

    @Gee Lion buat entry sis.hihi..x tau nk wt cmne dh ni

    @Shahida Dzulkafli tu r.cmtu je la

    @ayunie ramli klo dashboard sllu akn muncul je wlupun lmbt just bloglist prob.

  7. inshaAllah, entry memang dah ada cuma sebab i sendiri tak dapat settle the same probs rasa macam tak afdal plak nak tunjuk cara.. huhuhu

    1. ehh..boleh je kak..haha mne tau akk tunjkk t org dpt settle probs tu

  8. Kalau jadi mcm ni saya tick yang bawah tu 'Blog im following'. Then akan naik list kan, so saya ctrl+f untuk cari nama blog yang sy nak add tu, bereh. hihi. harap membantu.

    1. yelah..awat tak terpiqiaq..hahaha..tq Mai! nnti i try


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