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✍ Almost a week as student


Happy Thursday! Have a nice day uols

Say hi! to my friend over there..hihi,,

I'm here!Online from library.Thanks to college wifi so i can update blog.Wehuu! Today i have no classes.Again.Woah.Heavenly right?Maybe just for this week.As this week the classes only for introduction to our subjects.So then we used to the topics that will be teaching to us.Again..i'm taking risks to add subject that related to research with senior batch as i'm a credit transfer student.

Actually that subject requires a lot of reading of journals and proficient in english instead me..you know..well..emm..but..by hook or by crook..i want to continue taking this subject as i want to challenge myself for the better outcome.Now or later it does'nt matter as i think its depend on myself after all.

For now all of the subjects are quite fun and interesting.Hope i can do better for this semester.As i need to rescue my cgpa.Duhh! If you know..

Yesterday evening me and one of my housemate going to rooftop of our home rent home.

the one of side scenery from rooftop!
So refreshing! A nice one for our study and BBQ maybe? or reading a book..like this one!

The other side of coin!
Until now i'm not even finished it yet! haha..but well..the book really inspiring me a lot..and i got a little confident from this book.So i continue to read this book consistently even in a short time everyday.Even after you finished this book you will not get bored to repeat it.Cuba lah!

After some time of refreshing our mind and heart..ceewah!..we back to home! but before that let's get some of sunlight view! subhanallah.The view of sunlight from here was really nice! but pityful that the camera can't catch up the sunlight fully.Just me after all.Lols

Hi! acah-acah shine bright like a diamond!

Thanks to my housemate for taking the pictures.

That's all for today.See ya later! Hopefully.

Till then.



  1. Wahh, awak dah jadi student yea Mas.. ◕ ‿-。 best of luck to ur studies..

  2. Hope you can do bettter for this semester.

    1. Allahumma aamiin. Tq p.cik πŸ“–

  3. enjoy the moment as a student kak mas :D

  4. Bestnyaaaa membaca dan ada aktiviti di rooftop. Berangan siqah nak ada rumah ada rooftop macam cerita korea. Hehe.

    Buku apa baca tu? Kalau bab buku je, siqah excited nak tahu 😊

    1. Haha kuat pngaruh cite Koreanya tp Seyes best giler! Haha.. The other side of coin sis!yg YouTuber aiman azlan with langit ilahi punya team tu.

  5. Kembali menjadi student ye Mas..
    Hope everything will be ohsem for your journey..

    1. Tq sis.InsyaAllah..smoga semuanya ohsem ! yeah! positive!


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