✍ Simulation Time !


Peace Be Upon You.

Oh yeah! Just now i got my netbook and update entry.

From the early 10 o clock in the morning i'm going to my cousin wedding which is the oldest son of the oldest brother of my mother at Negeri Sembilan.Did you understand that? but well yeah I just want to make it look complicated.Haha..Then,after that just have to bear in 3 more hours send my younger brother to his Poly through in Pahang.

Now,i'm felt swing-swing-swing and headache..oh yeah..oh yeah..LOLs but i just want to update the entry for this blog.Also,after i got in home,the whatsapp for CGPA simulation was coming in.Then what should i do?..Of course..after a while i put the name on that list.Because my CGPA really in RED ZONE and if there is no treatment given,ICU will be first place i'm forced to enter.

Or else there is nothing we can do!

Did uols heard my CGPA heart just like...lub dub.. lub dub.. lub dub..lub.............................dub....................lub....dub....lub...dub...lub......_____________________

Opss No! Not Yet !

Should not !

Will be saved,InsyaAllah!

Till then,



Current Status (29 July 2018) : Intern dahhh! May Allah blessπŸ’• this journey! Bittaufiq wannajah! Thank for your du'a!

Dear reader,thank you for having hereπŸ’•I'm appreciated it a lot.I'll get you back sooner or later whatever it takes!πŸ‡πŸ»


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