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✍ One Fine Day


Peace Be Upon You

Today is Friday.

Friday is a One Fine Day.LOL.

Testing to write in English fully as far as i could.Pardon me for grammar or any inaccurrate words.Actually there is nothing much that i want to talking about.Its just.After my breakfast i have been watching television channel called Astro Citra.

The movie called "Terbaik Dari Langit.." but i can't finish watching it because my little cousin came and make some nuisance.I have to take care her as her mother going to yard for working.


There is not easy to have fully time for watching kids grow up in front of us.So sad to think about that.I'm afraid in future how would i be as a mother of kids.It would be worst if kids can't get enough attention from their parent.In a same time,there are so many bad things in this world.If i can't take good care of my children fully by myself for sure i would regret about that for whole my life.

Then, i hope for my future i could be a better women,wife and mother for my family.Allahumma aamiin.

LOL.Look at my words..there is not much vocabulary that i could insert in.Also,my grammer is everywhere and not forget my sentences..is..whatsoever...but i need to learn again..again..and again about english as my thesis in english and for the next sem i need to take subject of Professional English.

Eventhough my English not even professional.I have to knew about English languange..again..again..ad all over again.You know what..In my life i have never been got an A for English subject ..there is always..B or worst than that.So that why i need to practice.

It just on that one fine day..i got my English language A during grade 5.You know why? because the teacher is so handsome for me back then.LOL.

If you have an eyes on my post lately after i'm active blogging back.I have made some "Bahasa Rojak"..as i want to improve and make myself comfortable with english language..but in the end..always been "Bahasa Rojak"..LOL.

Alright !That's it ! uols could you please give me some tips how to improve in English Language if you dont mind.*big grinned.

Till then.

Happy Friday ! 



  1. It is okay. Malaysia is not English speaking country.
    People understand that. Hehe.
    Anyways. All the best for your studies.

  2. Eeioiu : but its not okay..i want go to overseas too and communicate with them ;( btw,Tq..hihi

  3. its ok dear :) rojak is a nice try actually and at least you are trying not givin up :)

    1. Hihi..tq bg semangt kak ^_^ appreciate tht very much


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