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Peace Be Upon You

Wazzap-wazzap.As for today same as yesterday..My Niece came again in early in the morning.She always want to play until i'm felt exhausted.Oh my but we are currently doing fine.She is now sleeping so i can go to blogwalking and updating entry.

Or else.There is no way i can make up to my blog.Also my handphone as she will making chaos and want play with these things.So i need to give fully attention to her so she did not making any damage to my gadget.

After Zuhr we will going to "Jamuan Hari Raya" eventhough Syawal already gone.That is because the one who is making this Jamuan is our MB.I want to eat as much as i can..lolz.

Alright then actually i dont have any important thing to update but just because.I like to keep updating entry.Lols..For an information..i'm in a holiday mood but just when i'm start of sem ..then i think i will be hardly keep updating and blogwalking..or maybe i will keep updating but hardly be seen to uols blog.

So now,if uols intended of anything.Just tell me or never hahaha.

gotta go !

Till then,



  1. niece brape tahun? mesti aunty dia manjakan dia nii

    1. eh jap..niece..? oh my..slh istilah..haha..cousin perempuan..jadi niece plak..haha..bln 11 nie dh msuk 2 thn dh dia ..hihi


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