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✍ I just want to rest


Not much to worried about.

It just been a while since i changed the background.

How is it?

Hey! Dont you feel tired changed it all over again?

Yupss! Maybe.

Maybe Yes maybe No.


The theme song is about I dont wanna sit still,look pretty.! Of course it just about the selfish and doesn't want anything distracted herself from being anything she want.

But this world not just about oneself..but about ourselves!.Not singular but plural.How we are created for helping ourselves and others,in the same time completing each other.And in the end we will be judged by what we have done.


Not so much.

I just want to rest.

Till then.

Will changed again?

We'll see later.



  1. Rajinnya tukar background! Siqah suka tukar template! Hii. Tapi semua orang buat. Tak reti nak godek sendiri 😁

  2. green memberi ketenangan :)

  3. ok.warna hijau tu sehat mata memandang (>.<)

  4. I think this looks is better than before. nice choice =D

  5. hi..
    Yaya singgh melawat sini

  6. @Siqah Hussin klo ikutkn sy nk tukar gak template nie..tapi mengenangkan nnti haru jadinya..so cool down dlu.hahaha.Untung lhaa..lg best! hihi

  7. @Nieyl Harap sejuk mata memandang.hehe

  8. @Ucing Kadayan Fan Club Alhamdulillah semoga semakin sihat mata yang memandang..haha


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