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🎁 Giveaway Friendship By Seindahcerita (17 Aug 16)


Baru nak start blogwalking,tetiba terjumpa pulak giveaway ni dekat blog beliau.Sebelum ada juga nampak dekat blog lain tapi macam nak tak nak buat.Hihihi..Jom-jom klik ramai-ramai pada banner.Al kisah antara syarat terpentingnya ialah

Letak sekeping gambar anda bersama sahabat dan cerita apa yang menarik tentang persahabatan anda..(cth : berapa tahun kenal, apa yang menarik tentang sahabat anda dan lain²)


I didn't have any long lasting frienship.All of my friendship end within the time..As the time flies away,automatically the relationship that we have build will become loose not because we didn't care but we have too much to care about.All about our own life,how we struggling to make it out a life and keep stabilize the economy and building our dream for the perfect living.

They are who are now struggling.Pray uols for the best life ! Yeah life is harder as soon as we started making our own money and stand on our own feet.I felt you!

Appreciated every moment that they contributed to make my life happier.But past is past and we are living today for tomorrow !

Here she is ! wears blue sweater.

She is one of my close and best friend during my diploma.About 4 years ago.She is the first one that talked to me when i arrived at the main campus.She is the one that always ask me to out and i can talked a lot of story to her .And for your information,i'm not a type that love to talk but when come to her,I just can't stopped! Yezza! That's why she is special.

She can trigger me to talk a lot about a thing.

And i remembered this one memory with her ,on that one day we are having fast food and along the way home we talked a lot of things and in the middle of chit chat suddenly i'm was fall on the road.Suddenly ! I dont know why then automatically me raise both of my hand to rescue KFC box! shouted " KFC!!"

But i'm still sat on the road. Gosh ! She was not helping me instead she was laughed so hard.There was no signed she will stop it until we reach home.She was still laughing more harder than before.

What?! "Mudah terhibur" i think.

Hey you..i remembered that ! You better watch out ! 

But she is kind actually.When i fall sick she is the one warning me to inform her or you will regret! Kinda scary right? like a stepmother to me.Lols.

The end !
Till then.



  1. Semoga berjaya.. singgah dari GA yang sama..

  2. Singgah dan Goodluck

    1. Tq singgah and good luck too ^_^

  3. singgah sini dari GA yang sama. all the best :)


    1. Tq singgah cik itah..all the best too!

  4. interesting stories..
    so,goodluck :)

  5. Senarai pemenang dah di umumkan...
    sila semak ya :)


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