✍ Background changed again? !


Peace Be Upon You

Good Night everyone! How was your day? hope you have a great day today as much for me,tiredness to handle my little cousin but amused.

Hey! Actually i have changed my songs and the background.What is your opinion about that? I hope not too bad.And i just changed my background according to match the songs.

I'm in the mood of songs.

Just listening to it ..Felt it.. And into it !

Struggling to make a better of me for each second.Praying for the best of me not wasted time for something that not worth.Even for many times,i kept repeating as for life not to the end yet.I should be prepared for the afterlife judgement.

Without You what i would be...

Till then.



  1. Assalammualaikum.

    Dah lama saya tak tukar template blog.. teringin tapi bila dah tukar template, benda lain pun nak bertukor jugak, ikut tema kunun..huhuhu

    1. waalaikumussalam..haha..kan..mmg gitu..nnti klo x tukar yg len tu mesti rsa x senang hati

  2. lawa ade shikansen lalu kat bawah.. pastuh ade klopak luruhhhh. lawa.. cam mane nk buat??


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