✍ Awas ! My blog under renovation


Selamat pagi! Semoga hari ini lebih baik daripada semalam.

A few words,

Jangan terkejut weh! Mood aku tengah swing-swing.Tengah cari angin yang betul.So effect kena pada blog ni.Don't worry be happy and stay calm !

Just let me find something missing in myself.

The same things happen.

Not even better than yesterday.Worst than past 2 days.What you expected not actually happening that might hurt yourself.Being ignored with the life and all the world.Just to finding something missing.But yet you dont know what is the piece part of you is missing.You just want to found something.Something that could be the best for your whole life.Not only in this dunya but also after this world.

Not happening.

Not happening yet.

Will always be there inside yourself.

InsyaAllah,,you will found it.Just believe!

Ok lah!

Till then,



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    1. hihi..tq ! akk dh ckp cntik stop sini dlu renovationnya..haha


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