✍ A big disaster ..


I'm lost here alone.

I want to talk about so many things but i dont think that no one will understand me.

What should i do?  I dont know what can i do.. I'm really stuck over here.

They dont give me go anywhere.. What should i do.. What should i do.. Even i didnt go anywhere my heart already flying everywhere...but i have to accept all of this.. Sooner or later.. I gotta choose..


A song?  Lol..

I have to be patient and think properly as i didnt want to make a big mistake and disaster.. So i need to be calm.. Calm down...everything gonna be fine..insyaAllah.. I know that they will not understand me..

And bigger than that.. It was so hard to make them understand me as i didnt know how to speak softly and with calmness.. It was better that i stay silent than talking harshly.. It quit hard actually.. 

But no worry..

InsyaAllah.. There's a way.. InsyaAllah.. InsyaAllah.. Have faith in Allah!! Dont lose the wayy... 



✍ Part Time Job

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.


My Muet examination already gone! 

Err. Already occur right?  Lols.I dont even study on grammar.

Aigooo.Too many mistakes.Even when i do the comprehension.. I think the idea is so irrelevent but im in hurry actually so what can i do.. I just wrote it down.The time is up as i stop writing.

Thankss Allah!

And now just to move on.. I have a plan from A-Z.

Ipta application is done. 

Document for sent to U in progress. 

And just waiting for Muet result. Maybe in May.

And back up planning too for Ipts.

I just want to sudy.. Study.. And study.. And study.. And study!!!!!

InsyaAllah awhile im waiting for my Muet result.. I will be going for a part time job.Dont mind what people said about that job as i did not do anything wrong.Please dont ever look down at any job as long as it legal and not haram. As i need a lot of barakah money for my future dunya and akhirah!!

So till then, Wish me luck!!!



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