✍ Still raining ..


Rain still pouring down the earth..from the view of my eyes.

Laziness still stay in my heart.

Capture.Capture of my heart.

Well,still in English..sorry for my bad.Dup dap dup dap..just a month before MUET exam take place.Now everywhere the rain is still pouring down..and the place became flooded.


✍ What should i do? !!!

First of All,

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

That have been a long time since i was posted something over here.I miss U.Miss all the moment that we get through.Now my life begin again.In this house.And this moment again.I'm again searching for myself.

Actually,why do i writing in english?.Eventhough i dont know whether my words or my sentences is right or wrong i am just wanna to wrote.Lols.I am going to take the examination MUET without no one teaching me.I have to do it all by myself.Maybe for now.

I dont know yet for coming soon.My planning wanna to get tuition for it.I'm just plan..plan..plan..and plan..there are too much plans inside my mind.I wanna to shout it all..but i dont think anyone want to hear about it.Because its too crazy..too large and too futuristic...hihihihihi.

There are too much problem that i have to overcome to get my planning smoothly working.Till i got headache and also i got my eyes drop a tears...tik..tik..tik...till i'm sleeping.Well,i know..life wont be easy for us right.Just because Allah has a better planning for us.Yeahh !! optimist !!..Our inner world showing the our outside life.Like Prof Dr Muhaya said.

But its really...really...so much difficult to calm the heart...listen to my heart beat..dup dap dup dap....dup..dupp..duppp...after a few days and maybe a week..err..ok...a month..err..no..i think from 3 to 4 months ago..i got a very bad futur...after my practical last.And after my convocation ceremony.So sad enough to think about.

And u know what...my last assessment is not done yet.Jyeahhh!.

I was think about it each day each time till my mind said.."Oh never mind..it will be perfectly done just a day."..And i dont even touch it for a single day that i got through till now...fiuuuuuu~~~~...i hate what i have done !!...That was really..really...bad enough!!

So..till then..pray for me...



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